A Field Trip consists of enrolled students that come to FHL in pursuit of marine studies.

These rates apply only to field trips paid on UW budgets, regardless of the group’s UW affiliation. If paying otherwise, please see Field Trips Standard Rates.

Student Housing (per student)

Students are assigned to shared (double) dorm rooms or huts, or shared cottages if dorms/huts are unavailable.

  • Bed in shared dorm room: $24.50/night

Bedding: Housing rates include two flat sheets (fitted sheets not available), a pillow with pillowcase, blanket and a towel per bed.  Weekly linen exchange (on Fridays, 8-8:30 am) provided free of charge.

Instructor Housing (per unit)

Instructors and teaching assistants are housed in various units. They will be charged for housing according to the unit prices listed for researchers.

Facilities Use Fee (per instructor)

All instructors for the field trip will be charged a Facilities Use Fee, unless the group is renting a lab building (the fee for which includes the Facilities Use Fee).

  • Daily $10
  • Weekly $56
  • Monthly $180


Field trip participants are expected to purchase full meal plans. Organizers should contact Laurie Spaulding (spauldla@uw.edu) to arrange for meals.

Meals, Non-Student:

  • Breakfast $12
  • Lunch $16
  • Dinner $20
  • Brunch $28

Meals, Student1:

  • Breakfast $10
  • Lunch $13
  • Dinner $17
  • Brunch $23

Full Meal Plans (daily rates only):

  • Non-Students: $48/day
  • Students: $40/day

Meeting Spaces (including labs)

No additional charges for field trips paid on UW budgets.

Boat Use

  • For RV Centennial and ROV rates, please contact Dr. Derek Smith.
  • Rowboats2: free of charge
  1. A student is any person enrolled in a university, college, or K-12 school.
  2. Use of rowboats requires a rowboat orientation. For orientations scheduled after hours, there is a $50 charge. For more information, please contact Kristy Kull.




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