Common-Use Computer Facilities and E-Mail

There are 30 iMac computers that can boot into Mac OSX or Windows 10. These are available for common use by students or researchers in three locations:

  • computer lab,
  • library and
  • lecture hall.

All of these computers have access to networked black-and-white postscript printers. All machines are equipped with CD/DVD burners. Flash drives and writeable DVDs and CDs can be purchased in our stockroom. Digital cameras, video projectors, and two scanners are also available. Some computers can perform video capture with available firewire or USB adapters.

Software installed on the common use computers include Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, web browsers and various analysis programs.

FHL is linked to the Internet via a Microwave Dish that goes Orcas Island then to the main campus at the UW. All buildings including housing units have wireless access. Ethernet connections are available in nearly all lab buildings.

Local e-mail accounts are not provided. Visitors are encouraged to use web-based mail accounts through their parent institution, or a commercial provider such as gmail.

Technical support is provided by two part-time technicians who are available weekdays. Contact the FHL IT team ( for more information

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