Celebrating 20 years!

By assuring continued support for FHL, the Advancement Board strengthens the work, identity, recognition and distinctive international character of Friday Harbor Labs as part of the University of Washington College of the Environment. The Board meets the first Saturday in May and October and for Focus Committee meetings throughout the year.

Advancement Board Members

William Calvin
Cathryn Campbell
Mark Denny
Katherine Graubard
Charles Greene
Florence Harrison
Drew Harvell
Carolyn Haugen
Michael Honey
Mimi Koehl
Alvin Kwiram
Gretchen Lambert
Jeffrey Levinton
Laura Long
Robbie Macfarlane
Florence McAlary
Chita Miller
Trish Morse
Warren Nagano
Lesley Nilsson
Joann Otto
Donald Peek
Charles Richardson
Lynn Riddiford
VĂ©ronique Robigou
Gordon Robilliard
Kevin Schofield
Alex Shapiro
Richard Strathmann
Megumi Strathmann
Susan Swindells
Jim Truman
Rick Vosburgh
George Willoughby
Dennis Willows

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