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February 2019 Tide Bite

Dear FHL Friends and Family,
This month we have a Tide Bite that describes truly interdisciplinary research between two of our wonderful graduate students working at Friday Harbor Laboratories.  Read what can happen when you have two students who are studying very different topics that decide to collaborate on a project together.  

FHL Tide Bite

January 2019 Tide Bite

Happy Holidays to all of our FHL Family and Friends!
2018 has been a year of highs and lows at Friday Harbor Laboratories.  We’ve seen some wonderful emerging research, such as the marine studies made possible with the OceanGate submersible and the SeaDoc Society, and we look forward to the possibilities of future years.  

FHL Tide Bite

December 2018 Tide Bite

Dear FHL Friends and Family,
Happy Holidays!  It seems that just a few moments ago it was September, and now it is December 1st and the holiday season.  We will soon bid farewell to the students who have been living and studying here at FHL during Autumn Quarter, and the quiet of the winter season will descend.  

FHL Tide Bite

October 2018 Tide Bites

Dear FHL Friends and Family,
Autumn has quietly fallen on FHL, bringing the new 2018-19 academic year and UW Marine Biology students to FHL.  This fall begins the UW Marine Biology major in the College of the Environment, and therefore more interactions between FHL, the School of Aquatic Fisheries and the School of Oceanography at UW.   

FHL Tide Bites

Cyclops submersible visit!

We are hosting a submersible!  OceanGate Inc.‘s Cyclops 1 is coming to conduct research here in the Salish Sea for a week.  This project is a partnership between UW FHL in the College of the Environment, The SeaDoc Society on Orcas Island, and the OceanGate Foundation in Everett.  

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July 2018 Tide Bites

Greetings FHL friends and family,
Happy Fourth of July!
Friday Harbor Labs is having a very busy summer, with 46 students learning in our three active courses:
Marine Invertebrate Zoology (FHL/BIOL 432)
Marine Botany: Diversity and Ecology (FHL 446)
Marine Subtidal Ecology (FHL 568 A)
We have an enthusiastic group of undergraduate researchers in an FHL Blinks/BEACON/REU program, and summer activities such as our annual “Jazz at the Labs” which supports our K-12 program.  

FHL Tide Bites
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