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July 2018 Tide Bites

Greetings FHL friends and family,
Happy Fourth of July!
Friday Harbor Labs is having a very busy summer, with 46 students learning in our three active courses:
Marine Invertebrate Zoology (FHL/BIOL 432)
Marine Botany: Diversity and Ecology (FHL 446)
Marine Subtidal Ecology (FHL 568 A)
We have an enthusiastic group of undergraduate researchers in an FHL Blinks/BEACON/REU program, and summer activities such as our annual “Jazz at the Labs” which supports our K-12 program.  

FHL Tide Bites

Jazz at the Labs, June 30

Join us Saturday, June 30th, 6 – 9:30 pm for our 18th annual Jazz at the Labs.  All proceeds from Jazz at the Labs benefit the Friday Harbor Laboratories K-12 Science Outreach Program in the San Juan Island Elementary, Middle, and High Schools and the Spring Street International School. 

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June 2018 Tide Bites

Good morning FHL Friends and Family,
Time continues to roll by, and here it is June 1st already.  Thus begins our busy summer season, and all of the FHL staff has been working hard to get our beautiful campus ready for the summer researchers and students who are coming soon. 

FHL Tide Bites

April 2018 Tide Bites

Dear FHL Friends and Family,
Spring has arrived and with it the students have returned for a new year of research and teaching. On the FHL campus we currently have students from UW, the Three Seas program from Northeastern University and CORALS from Cornell University, making it an exciting mix. 

FHL Tide Bites

March 2018 Tide Bites

This March Tide Bite examines the strong connection between science and art which is richly explored at  Friday Harbor Laboratories.  Fernanda Oyarzún describes deeply exploring this connection via the FHL Embryology Course, which has encouraged students to do so since Professor Arthur Whiteley began teaching it in 1950.  

FHL Tide Bites
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