September 30, 2020:

We are pleased to announce that FHL has received the 2020 Human Diversity Award from the Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS)!  This annual award “recognizes unique activities, programs, or approaches (funded or unfunded) that increase the involvement, engagement, and sustainability of underrepresented groups in field science.”

In the award letter, OBFS calls out FHL’s “mentoring process both from engaging students in the role of mentee and mentor, as well as matching students with BIPOC mentors,” noting that our process exemplifies “the role of mentoring in supporting underrepresented students to enter, stay, and succeed in science.”  The letter continues: “Additionally, providing funding for undergraduate students … highlights an important facet of support for making science more accessible. Overall the sense of belonging and community you are able to foster is an important step in making the culture of science more inclusive. The exceptional evaluation and tracking of former students demonstrate that the program has important positive effects on minority student progression in science careers.”

Most of the credit for this award goes to our NSF-REU Summer Internship Program organizer Adam Summers, and to the program’s co-PIs and coordinators over the years, including Sophie George, Vik Iyengar, and Stacy Farina. We are very thankful for funding from the Ann Hof Blinks Fellowship and NSF BEACON Center, both of which have provided additional support to students and researchers from underrepresented minorities participating in our internship program. We are proud of this program and the lives it has impacted!

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