Subcommittee and Current Actions

These are our current working subcommittees. If you are interested in participating in any of them (or have ideas for additional projects!) please reach out to

Subcommittee Members Actions
Land Acknowledgment Kayla Hall, Flo McAlary, Kirk Sato, Sandy Wylie-Echerverria This team is currently working with representatives of the surrounding nations to build a land and water acknowledgement statement that recognizes the past use of the land and our commitment to building and sustaining future relationships. This group meets at least once a month, often with guest speakers, to learn about the cultural, historical, and current use of the lands and waters.
Funding Abigail Ames, Rachel Anderson, Karly Cohen, Adam Summers, Mason Wiley We are currently working on pursuing several funding opportunities to provide money for seminar speakers and other events that will increase our community involvement with the surrounding nations and increase our net of academic diversity. We are in the midst of writing a UW SEED grant for the 2021 cycle.
Student Health Services Rachel Anderson, Bernadette Holthuis, Sandy Wylie-Echerverria This group is collecting and disseminating accessible information for physical, mental, and behavioral health services for students studying or visiting Friday Harbor. For a list of current medical information please head to FHL Medical & Behavioral Health Resources.
Equitable Housing Karly Cohen, Bernadette Holthuis, Adam Summers, Mason Wiley This group works on documents and protocols that make FHL a safe place for everyone. We recognize that residential living is a cornerstone for both academic and social success. These efforts have resulted in:

  • Gender neutral bathrooms and accessible signage
  • Equitable housing surveys
  • A community standards document
DIV Credit Abigail Ames, Karly Cohen, Mason Wiley This group develops recommendations for DIV credit requirements for courses in the UW College of the Environment. We also provide resources for FHL faculty who are interested in adding aspects of DEI to their coursework.

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