COVID-19 Prevention for Visiting Researchers

THANK YOU for following these procedures to help keep FHL and our island community safe!


  • Lab Researchers: review the FHL Researcher Agreement covering ‘normal’ requirements that apply during pandemic as well as non-pandemic times.
  • Familiarize yourself with the FHL COVID-19 Prevention Plan.
  • Review and follow Pre-Arrival Quarantine & Testing Procedures.
  • FHL Facilities Coordinator Stephanie Zamora will let you know who your pod members are, based on the persons with whom you will be working and living.
  • To minimize the need for shopping while here, especially during quarantine, pack as many supplies (toiletries, nonperishable foods, etc.) as you can take with you. *We also encourage you to pack a personal thermometer.



  • Do not leave the county during your stay at FHL.
  • Limit trips off campus to those required for essential services (groceries, medical) and field trips. Restaurants (except for take-out) and bars are off limits.
  • Submit your daily Symptom Attestation Survey and keep a log of any close contacts beyond pod members.
  • Wear a face covering at all times when indoors (except in your own assigned housing unit).
  • Disinfect common-use equipment before and after you use it (supplies provided near equipment).
  • The only dorm room/hut/bedroom you should enter is your own (or a family member’s).
  • Maintain at least 6 feet distance from anyone who is not in your pod; even within your pod, keep close contact (< 6 feet) to a minimum.
  • Only ride in vehicles, rowboats, and motorboats with members of your own pod.
  • You are responsible for your family members and research assistants knowing and abiding by the rules in the Prevention Plan.
  • You and your pod members are collectively responsible for maintaining the integrity of your pod and monitoring each other to make sure everyone is following the rules about distancing between pods.
  • Support and encourage others in the FHL community in following the Prevention Plan rules. If you observe someone putting the safety or well-being of others at risk, notify the FHL Director or Operations Manager.


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