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Thanks to the generosity of many who have experienced first-hand the significance of research and education at FHL, numerous funds and endowments have been established to address areas of promise for FHL’s successful future.  Gifts to these funds promote the education and training of new scientists through a very special experience at FHL. Please consider donating to one of them, or perhaps set up a new one. In any case, your contribution will make a difference!

To make a tax-deductible gift online, choose the name of a fund below.  You will be transferred to the University of Washington’s secure server for private gifts.

You may also send a check (payable to UW Foundation) to:

UW Friday Harbor Laboratories
Attention: Rachel Anderson
620 University Road
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Thank you!

AAS Endowed: FHL Adopt-a-Student Endowed Fund
Provides future financial assistance to students attending courses at FHL.

AAS Program: Adopt-A-Student Program Fund
Supports FHL students with tuition, housing, food and travel costs.  Sponsors have the option to meet their “adopted” student.

Biomechanics: Comparative Biomechanics Fund
Supports ongoing research in the Comparative Biomechanics Lab currently being done by Adam Summers.

Blinks: Anne Hof Blinks Fellowship in Marine Biology
Provides funding for underrepresented minority students or professionals to study any marine biology courses or research at FHL.

Bloom/Shimek/Raymore: Bloom, Shimek and Raymore Endowed Fellowship
Provides financial assistance to graduate students taking course &/or conducting research in marine ecology at FHL.

Booth: Beatrice Crosby Booth Endowed Scholarship at Friday Harbor Laboratories
Provides annual scholarships to undergrad or graduate students enrolled in classes or conducting research at FHL.

Calvin Graubard: William H. Calvin and Katherine Graubard Term Faculty Fellowship
Recruits, retains, &/or provides professional development for faculty at FHL, with preference for UW faculty who would like to carry out their research and teach at FHL, specifically in the area of climate and global change.

Calvin Postdoc: Calvin Postdoc Term Fellowship
Provides financial support for postdoctoral scholars based at FHL.

Carrington: Emily Carrington Endowed Student Travel Support Fund
Provides support for undergrad and graduate students at FHL for expenses related to student travel.

Conference: FHL Student Conference Travel Fund
Provides financial assistance to graduate or undergraduate students affiliated with FHL to attend academic conferences.

Crustacean: Crustacean Neurobiology Fund
Supports the study of crustacean neurobiology at Friday Harbor Labs.

Cycles: Cycles of Ocean Life
Supports marine science research and education in Dr. Jason Hodin’s group at FHL.

Discretionary: Friday Harbor Labs Discretionary Fund
Funds are used at the discretion of the Director to catalyze life-changing experiences for students through direct financial aid, and to encourage diverse initiatives that benefit FHL.

Dorsey: Ellie Dorsey Memorial Fund
Funds used for an annual gift to a scholarly student in memory of Ellie Dorsey.

Dudley: Patricia L. Dudley Endowment for Friday Harbor Laboratories
Provides for research or scholarships for the study of systematics or the structure of marine organisms or for studies in marine invertebrate ecology.  First preference to post-doc candidates, secondly to grad students who’ve indicated serious interest in these areas & have completed some pre-doctoral requirements.  Methods of research are unrestricted but desirable that the findings contribute to the understanding of evolutionary relationships.

Ellis: Ellis Preserves Fund
Supports activities in research and education connected to the Ellis Preserve on Shaw Island in honor of Marilyn and Frederick Ellis.  (Gifts are channeled through the FHL Discretionary Fund for Excellence but earmarked for the Ellis Preserves Fund.  To make your gift, click the link and indicate Ellis Preserves Fund in the comments section on the succeeding page.)

Fahey/Vance: Janet L. Fahey and Richard R. Vance Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Marine Ecology
Provides financial assistance to graduate students at FHL who perform marine ecological research concerning the San Juan Archipelago and nearby regions of the Pacific Ocean.  To support students pursuing research in (i) marine animal reproductive and/or larval ecology, or (ii) any other subject within the general area of marine ecology.

FernaldRobert L. Fernald Endowment Fellowship
Provides support to exceptionally qualified students who wish to study comparative embryology at FHL.

Fodor: Alexander Fodor Graduate Student Endowed Fellowship
Provides financial assistance to graduate students participating in courses and/or conducting research at FHL, preferably whose research is focused on the evolution and development of marine invertebrates.

Graubard: Graubard PhD Term Fellowship at FHL
Provides broad-based support for PhD education, including direct financial assistance to graduate students involved in research and teaching based at FHL.

Harvell/GreeneHarvell / Greene Cornell Connection Endowed Scholarship
Supports graduate and undergraduate students at FHL and students participating in the Cornell Connection program through FHL Research Apprenticeships and/or other FHL courses.

Illg Lecture: Paul L. Illg Distinguished Lectureship
This lectureship is fully funded and self-sustaining!  Please consider honoring Dr. Illg by giving to the new Illg Student Support Fund.

Illg Support: Illg Student Support Fund
Supports graduate students participating in FHL Invertebrate Zoology or related courses at FHL.  The fund may also support post-baccalaureate students applying to graduate schools.

Imaging: Dynamic Imaging Maintenance Fund
Supports the upkeep of FHL’s TEM, SEM and confocal microscopes.

K-12 EndowedFHL Science Outreach Program K-12 Endowed Fund
Provides future support for the FHLSOP at the discretion of the Director, including operational expenses.

K-12 ProgramFHL Science Outreach Program Fund
In connection with educational outreach for local (K-12) school partners, this fund supports staff, equipment, supplies and Centennial use.

Kohn: Alan J. Kohn Endowed Fellowship
Provides financial assistance to graduate students at FHL.

Kozloff: Eugene N. Kozloff Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Student Support
Provides support for undergrad students in courses &/or conducting research at FHL.

Lambert: Charles Lambert Memorial Endowment
Provides assistance to graduate students for research and/or coursework at FHL that includes cell or developmental invertebrate biology, general zoology or ecology of marine invertebrates, and/or any aspect of ascidian biology.

Liem Fish Bio: Karel F. Liem Fish Biology Endowment
Supports operating expenses related to the Karel F. Liem Bioimaging Facility at FHL.

Macfarlane Artist: Macfarlane Art Studio Artist Award
Supports artists applying to work at the Macfarlane Art Studio in conjunction with the Whiteley Center.

Macfarlane Endow: Macfarlane Art Studio Endowment
Provides support for the maintenance and enhancement of the physical structure, furnishings and equipment for the Macfarlane Art Studio at the Whiteley Center at FHL.

Mar Field Equip: Marine Field Equipment Endowment has been renamed “Robilliard” in honor of its founder!  Please scroll down and click the link there.

Mar Sci Fund: Marine Science Fund
Supports the training of people entering the Marine Science Field through programs at FHL.

McAlary-McFarland: William & Florence McAlary-McFarland Family Endowment for Student Support
Offsets the cost of tuition and other educational expenses for undergraduate &/or graduate students at FHL in conjunction with the Adopt-a-Student Program.

McEdward: Larry McEdward Memorial Fund
Supports graduate study or coursework in invertebrates, embryology, evolution or development of marine organisms.  (Gifts are channeled through the FHL Discretionary Fund but earmarked for the McEdward Fund.  To make your gift, click the link and indicate Larry McEdward Memorial Fund in the comments section on the succeeding page.)

Mellon: Mellon Research Training Faculty Fellowship
Enhances UW’s ability to attract, retain, & provide opportunities for professional development for faculty in marine sciences at FHL who have an understanding of students from diverse backgrounds and are able to serve as scientific and professional models.  These faculty will attract underrepresented minority students to FHL and serve as their mentors.

MLE: Marine Life Endowment
Provides support for the fundamental courses in organismal & broader comparative marine biology: Marine Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Algae/Botany, Comparative Invertebrate Embryology and Marine Fish Biology taught at FHL.

MLE Bridge: Marine Life Endowment Bridge Fund
Supports the extension of faculty appointments to allow additional research time following the four core courses offered during the FHL summer sessions.

MLE Faculty: Marine Life Endowed Faculty Fellowship
Enhances UW’s ability to recruit, retain, &/or provide opportunities for teaching combined with independent faculty research in comparative marine invertebrates, algae, fish, embryology and larval biology at FHL.

Morse Institute: Edward Sylvester Morse Institute
Fosters international scholarly exchange between Friday Harbor and Japanese marine labs to enhance collaborative research and participation in courses.

Morse Scholarship: Trish Morse Endowed Scholarship for Japan / U.S. Exchange
Supports the exchange of students from the U.S. and Japan in conjunction with the Edward Sylvester Morse Institute at FHL.

Neuro: FHL Neuroscience and Behavior Fund
Supports students in education in the field of neuroscience and behavior through research projects or coursework at FHL.

Nichols: Frederic H. and Kirstin C. Nichols Endowed Graduate Fellowship
Supports graduate students in their coursework or independent research at Friday Harbor Laboratories.

Nuts & Bolts: FHL Nuts and Bolts Endowed Fund
Provides general support for FHL to be used at the discretion of the FHL Director.

Ragen: Brooks and Suzanne Ragen FHL Endowed Scholarship
Provides financial assistance to support graduate and undergraduate students who are at FHL to conduct field or lab research or to be enrolled for a class or workshop in marine sciences.

RAP Endowment: FHL Research Apprenticeship Program Endowment
Supports the RAP at FHL, at the discretion of the Director.

Reed: Christopher G. Reed Endowed Fund
Supports undergraduate education at FHL.

Research Fellow: FHL Research Fellowship Endowment
Provides support to graduate students at FHL.

Ridgway: FHL Ellis B. Ridgway Fellowship Fund
Provides support for graduate students at Friday Harbor Laboratories.

Robilliard: Gordon and Helen Robilliard Marine Field Equipment Endowment
Supports and maintains marine field equipment, including but not limited to vessel operation, maintenance and replacement.

Roe: Pamela Roe Graduate Student Endowed Fund
Provides support to graduate students participating in courses &/or conducting research at FHL.  Preference to students in fields of marine invertebrate zoology (incl. embryology & parasitology) or marine biology, w/ a strong emphasis on natural history or ecology.

R/V: FHL Research Vessel Fund
To support the acquisition, maintenance, upgrades, and operation of a research vessel for Friday Harbor Laboratories.

Seagrass: Seagrass Conservation Project
Supports ongoing seagrass conservation studies in aquatic areas by Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria, Ph.D.

Seastar: FHL Research Fund: Seastar Wasting Disease
Helps fund FHL Research focused on the Sea Star Wasting Disease

Sebens: Kenneth P. Sebens Endowed Student Support Fund
Provides support for undergrad and graduate students at FHL.

Strathmann: Richard R. and Megumi F. Strathmann Endowed Fellowship
Supports graduate students‘ studies of the organisms, physical environment, or geology of the San Juan Archipelago and adjacent regions in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.  Students’ studies may be in their independent research or courses at FHL.  Studies of species that don’t occur in this region, except for purposes of research, are excluded from this funding.

Turn Point: Turn Point Faculty Endowed Fellowship at Friday Harbor Laboratories
This fund primarily supports faculty research in the fields of cell, developmental and structural biology by enhancing UW’s ability to recruit &/or retain faculty, &/or provide opportunities for teaching combined with independent faculty research at FHL.  Secondarily, it may provide strategic support for the development of imaging techniques at FHL, at the discretion of the Director.

Wainwright: Stephen and Ruth Wainwright Endowed Fellowship
Provides financial assistance to graduate students studying or conducting original research in functional morphology at FHL.

Whiteley Center: Helen Riaboff Whiteley Center Endowment Fund
Provides funds for operating, maintaining, administering, and otherwise supporting the Helen Riaboff Whiteley Center at FHL.

Whiteley Fellow: Arthur and Helen Whiteley Fellow Endowment
Provides support for visiting scholars (“Whiteley Fellows”) at the Helen Riaboff Whiteley Center at FHL in order to enhance the intellectual vitality of the Whiteley Center and FHL.

Whiteley Memorial: Arthur H. Whiteley Memorial Fund
Benefits the Helen Riaboff Whiteley Center at the UW FHL, in memory of Professor Arthur Whiteley.

Willows: Dennis Willows Director’s Endowed Professorship
Enhances the University’s ability to attract and retain a distinguished director at FHL. Used at the discretion of the Director to benefit the Labs.

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